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How to protect WordPress Posts using Tags or Categories


HurryPress allows making Wordpress posts protected and available for users only if they have a specific subscription. In can be done individually for each post, but an easier way is to create several tags or post categories, set up a protection configuration for the tag or category, and then just apply it to a post. Posts will automatically use protection configuration from tag or category.

  1. Go to Wordpress Admin Dashboard
  2. Open Posts, and click Tags
  3. Create a tag that you want to use for protection and add it
  4. Click Edit on a created tag
  5. Scroll down to HurryPress Protection Settings box and click Enable Protection checkbox
  6. In the Access Permissions select box select conditions that will allow a visitor to see post content. There are several types of conditions available
  7. Click Update button to save protection settings for the tag
  8. Click Edit on posts you want to protect and apply the tag to posts. As you can see, posts became protected
  9. We described usage of tags, but you can do absolutely the same with posts categories

We recommend using an incognito window for testing because access is always allowed for all posts for site administrator!