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In this example we will show you how to add options to a subscription (recurring) product, the sample will be a magazine which will have three options, printed, gift, & address only some will adjust the total charged. For extra help with options refer to the Physical Product tutorial.


Following on from the above we will create a product 'Spiffy Magazine' customers will be able to select the options.

As usual from your HurryPress Dashboard select 'Manage Products' then 'New Product'


In this example the 'Title' is 'Spiffy Magazine' with a 'Description' of 'A monthly magazine, with optional hard copy (default is e-Magazine)', initially we will have the basic product information as shown;


Now create our options, you will notice we have three in this example;


For each of the top two options click on 'Edit Options' and we will setup the values;


You can see above that the basic online version is 'free' but receiving a hard copy via post costs an extra $12.50 monthly, with an additional $5 on the first payment for handling (or whatever).


Our second option allows our client to make this subscription a gift for someone else, with an additional option of sending a card to the recipient of the gift.

Next we show a sample of the user side plus the admin payment display;






Using this contrived example we can see how to have multiple options for a recurring products that will add to the base product costs, we could have also had options that discounted the recurring billings in any way that was necessary.