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Offline payment plugin is a special plugin designed to handle not-online payments from your customers (for example: check payments, wire transfers).

Usual workflow of payment with this plugin:

  • In signup form customer chooses an "offline" payment option;
  • After filling-in signup form, user is redirected to a special configurable page with payment instructions;
    • Payment instructions include reference to current invoice# (for example: XH353)
  • Customer sends a check, or wire transfer and specifies invoice# in comments.
  • Site administrator receives a check (or wire transfer), login to HurryPress admin control panel, and search for given invoice#
  • The invoice in HurryPress have status "Pending". Administrator clicks on "Add Payment" link in invoice and adds information about incoming payment;
  • Customer account automatically becomes active, and customer receives welcome e-mail. Customer subscription starts on that date.

To configure offline plugin:

  • Go to HurryPress Dashboard -> Setup -> Plugins, enable "offline" payment plugin and click "Save"
  • Go to HurryPress Dashboard -> Setup -> Offline, and configure the plugin.