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How to enable email verification on signup?

  1. Open HurryPress CP.
  2. Click Forms Editor from menu.
  3. Click edit icon opposite signup form which you want to have email verification enabled.
  4. On Form Edit Screen click configure email brick.
  5. In configuration popup window check "Validate E-Mail Address by sending e-mail message with code" checkbox.
  6. Click Ok
  7. Save Signup form.

Why I don't have %password% variable in Email Templates or when I try to send email message from HurryPress CP -> Setup -> Email

HurryPress follows all modern security standards and doesn't store plain text passwords in database at all for security reason. Passwords are hashed with one-way encryption methods so there is no way to decode it. Password can be sent only from HurryPress CP -> Configuration -> Setup/Configuration -> Email (Send Registration Email template). This message will be sent just after registration and before actual payment.

In event of you still want to store user password in plain text for some reason than check this article: How to store plain text passwords for users

I have XXM upload limit. How to increase it?

This limit depends on your server configuration. Please contact your hosting support or your system administrator and ask to increase upload_max_filesize and post_max_size value for PHP.

Other way you can upload your file to folder wp-content/uploads/hurrypress/disk with your favourite FTP client and then instead of upload button click browse one, then choose tab Disc. You should be able to choose your uploaded file here.

Signup Forms

How to change label for submit button?

You can do it in form editor the following way - edit your form and add brick 'Form Page Break' to bottom of form. It will not split your form since it will be last brick in form but on this brick you can see link 'labels...' click it and modify label as you need. Then save your form.


How to automatically generate password for new customers and send it by email?

1. remove Password brick from signup form

HurryPress CP -> Configuration -> Forms Editor

2. enable Send Registration E-Mail email at

HurryPress CP -> Configuration -> Setup/Configuration -> Email

Payment Systems

Can I use HurryPress coupons with my Clickbank account?

Unfortunately, no. You can use coupons only for purchasing through the system they're generated in. Clickbank requires you to set up a copy of your HurryPressduct in Clickbank itself, with values like price being predefined. This does not affect the possibility of using a Clickbank generated coupon for a Clickbank product though.


How to enable more verbose error messages

You need to edit file wp-config.php and add the following code to it <source> define('AM_APPLICATION_ENV', 'debug'); </source>

Daily Usage

How to add manual payment/access from HurryPress Control panel?

There are three possible situations which can happen:

- You want to add free access for user. User haven't paid anything: Find this user in HurryPress CP. Edit user's account, go to Payments/Access -> Invoices/Access, scroll down to User Access table, select product and access period which you would like to add and click Add access manually button.


- You've received offline payment for a product or initial payment for subscription: Find this user in HurryPress CP. Edit user's account, go to Payments/Access -> Invoices/Access, click Add Invoice button at the top - right corner of the page, select date when you got payment, products which should be added to invoice(user will receive access to these products), payment system, select "Add Invoice and Payment/Access Manually" Action, and specify payment receipt. Click Save button. In result, HurryPress adds invoice, payment and access record at the same time.


- You've received a payment for existing recurring subscription: Find this user in HurryPress CP. Edit user's account, go to Payments/Access -> Invoices/Access, find invoice for which you've received payment, click "expand details" link. At this step you will see invoice details and all payments that were received for this invoice. Click "Add Payment Manually" link. Please note that link will be available only if invoice was created for recurring product. In pop-up window specify payment amount, receipt, date and payment system then click save. In result HurryPress will add payment to invoice record and access at the same time.