First Steps

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There is a few important settings to made after setup.

Enable and Configure Payment Plugins

Go to Wordpress Dashboard -> HurryPress Setup -> Plugins and enable desired modules and payment plugins. Once you have selected modules to enable, press "Save" button. For each enabled payment plugin, click to HurryPress Setup -> PLUGIN-NAME and configure the plugin. You'll find detailed payment plugin configuration instructions at bottom of configuration page.

Setup Your Products

Products (or Subscription Type, whatever matches your website better) is an important concept of HurryPress. The Product, in short, is an item you are selling to customers. To get your signup form working, you must add at least one product. Go to HurryPress Setup -> Manage Products and press New Record button. Fill-in product fields (it is a long form, but only a few fields are required). You will be asked for product title, description, for first price and period, for number of re-bills (if desired), and if you choose to enable re-bills you will also have to enter second price and period. One you are done with the form, press Save button.

Protect Your Content

There is a number of types of content that HurryPress can protect and server for you. That is: entire website folders, files, pages (that you create using HTML editor), URL links and emails (can be drilled within subscription period). To protect content, making it available for subscribed customers only, go to HurryPress Dashboard -> Manage Content. Choose what kind of content you would like to provide, press New Record button and fill-in fields. In the last drop-down named Access Permissions you may define which products customer must order to access this protected item. For some types of content, it is even possible to "drill-down" content, making it available for example from 8th to 9th day of subscription. So lets go and define your content item.

Customize Signup Form

Go to HurryPress Dashboard -> Forms Editor, click 'Edit' icon near the Signup Form record. You will see list of 'enabled' and 'available' "bricks". You can drag&drop bricks from one side to another to enable or disable form elements. If you remove 'Username' or 'Password' bricks from the form, these fields will be generated automatically. To verify e-mail address on signup, click configure... link and 'E-Mail' brick and enable e-mail verification. To make multi-page signup form, take a Page-Separator brick from right side and put it between enabled form bricks. This will split signup form to parts. Once you are done with changes, press Save.

Make Test Signup and Payment

Go to and try to signup and make payment as a regular user. You must receive welcome e-mail, your invoice in HurryPress Admin CP must be marked as Paid or Recurring Active and when you go to you must see the protected content links.