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In this article, we will describe how to protect posts partially using shortcodes. This article describes Classic Wordpress editor. If you are using Wordpress 5+, you may need to install plugin named "Classic Editor" to access this editor interface.

We are developing Gutenberg blocks right now, and it will be available very soon.

To protect posts partially, do the following:

  • Open Post in Wordpress classic editor
  • First part of post we will keep unprotected, so any website visitor may see it.
  • After the first part of post, add shortcode

[hp_drip product_id="1,2,3"]

  • Any text following that shortcode will be invisible for visitors without active subscription to product #1 or #2 or #3.
  • To the end of text add the following code:

This Information Is For Members.
Join our website to read full article.

As clears from the above code, visitor who does not have access to the article will see text following the [hp_drip_else] shortcode. You may put any links, tables, HTML layout into this section.

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