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How to protect WordPress Posts and Pages


HurryPress allows making content protected and available for users only if they have a specific subscription. In this article, we will explain how to make posts protected.

  1. Go to Wordpress Admin Dashboard
  2. Open Posts, and click Edit on a post you want to protect
  3. Scroll down to HurryPress Protection Settings box and click Enable Protection checkbox
  4. In the Access Permissions select box select conditions that will allow visitor to see post content. There are several types of conditions available:
    Product Categories
    create product groups for easier administration, and you can use product categories in this selection too. If user has active subscription to any of product from category, access will be allowed
    choose one or more products - if user has access to any product in the list - access will be allowed
    User Groups
    choose one or more Wordpress user groups - if user belongs to the group - access will be allowed
    Pay Per Post
    you can set the post/page to be ordered in pay-per-post mode
    Special Conditions
    Guests - allow not-logged-in visitors to see post content (for logged-in customers existing access restrictions will apply)
    RSS Feed - normally protected posts content is invisible in RSS Feed. This special condition allows to include posts into RSS feed (be careful - it is available to public!)
    Affiliates - if HurryAffiliate module is enabled, you will see this setting and you can make posts available for affiliates
  5. Click Update button and you can see your post is protected.

We recommend using an incognito window for testing because access is always allowed for all posts for site administrator!