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How to protect sell access to individual Wordpress posts


HurryPress allows selling post access individually. To make it possible, just add Pay Per Post configuration in the Access Permissions list while protecting a post. You still able to add other conditions, so posts will be available as part of a normal subscription, and for individual purchase.

  • Go to Wordpress Admin Dashboard
  • Go to HurryPress Setup : Manage Products
  • Create a product that will be used to bill customers for individual post purchase. Price and period of access to the post will be taken from the product settings. Please do not make the product recurring!
  • Go to HurryPress Setup : Pay Per Post and create a new configuration. When you protect a post, you choose a pay per post configuration to use. When you create the configuration, you specify order form, product and payment system to use.
  • Finally, go to Posts, and click Edit on a post.
  • Scroll down, click to HurryPress Protection Settings, click Enable Protection and choose the Pay-Per-Post configuration you created on the previous step.
  • Optionally, click Toggle advanced settings and make posts visible anywhere in lists, menus and search - so a potential buyer can see the post.
  • Now, go to post content and add the following shortcodes

    Here you can add any custom text, video and shortcodes for potential buyers so they can preview post content. 
  • Now click Update the post
  • You are all set now. Use 'incognito' browser window for testing. As you can see, visitors will see offer and link to buy access to post instead of the post content. And when access is ordered, the buyer get a link to see purchased post, and there is a new item in HurryPress customer dashboard to see list of all ordered posts.